The Amicable Divorce Expert Podcast

a podcast devoted to amicable divorces

Crimes of Passion with Detective, Psychic and Media Personality, Tia Belle

Tia will share how her work as a detective dealt with how and why crimes of passion take place, and what you can do to avoid domestic violence that can lead to loss of life and child abduction in a divorce.  As a Psychic Tia helps her clients understand the reality of their relationships, whether they are healthy or not, and provides tools to use to change the course of their lives.

Social Media and the Impact on Relationships

Social Media and the Impact on Relationships with social media marketer Jerusha Greenwald.  Jerusha will discuss the pros and cons of using social media to vent about relationship issues especially when it’s about their divorce.  Jerusha has used her own divorce along with her social media skills to develop an online support group for women of all ages but focusing on her social media generation of millennials and Gen-Zers.

Exit Interview with Nicole and Richard Wesley

Nicole and Richard went through the Emotional Divorce before filing for the Legal divorce. They are the best examples of how to uncouple with respect, without blame, and with self-awareness that allowed them to put their daughter first because they took care of their own emotional wellness first.

Paul A. Samakow, A Divorced Divorce Lawyer’s Wisdom

Paul A. Samakow is divorced, was a divorce attorney, is now a personal injury attorney extraordinaire, and hosts a podcast called The Legal Merry-Go-Round.  Paul will share his wisdom as an attorney and discuss how clients should work with attorneys for the best representation and results in their cases, point out the control clients have in their legal relationships, and share his own experiences going through his divorce.  Paul will also address what his childhood was like with parents who he thinks should have divorced but didn’t.


Men’s Divorce Coach, Noam Raucher

Noam is a Men’s Divorce Coach as a result of going through his own divorce.  Noam also saw the underserved needs of divorcing  dads, as a divorcing dad himself, and wanted to reach out and address those fears and concerns.  And as a Rabbi, Noam started a podcast called The Jewish Divorce Project to specifically discuss the personal and religious issues of Jewish men going through divorce.

8 Ways to Ruin a Good Mediation

You will learn the most common ways to derail a simple and potentially good mediation, along with the 8 remedies to reverse course and succeed. Part of the mistakes people make are behavioral by not understanding how to communicate in a negotiation, and part of the mistakes come from preparation.  You will learn all of the most common mistakes and how to reverse course to end up amicable and successful.

Custody Rights and Non-Biological Parents

“Custody Rights and Non-Biological Parents” today on Constructive Uncoupling podcast with Attorney Matthew Smurda and Amicable Divorce Expert and host, Judith Weigle. Attorney Smurda will discuss a growing trend in blended families and divorce: Custody Rights vs Visitation, mandatory vs voluntary child support, StepParent Rights, and Presumed Parent. @MatthewSmurda. Listen Here:

Courage and Divorce

Courage and Divorce on Constructive Uncoupling podcast today with The Amicable Divorce Expert and host Judith Weigle. Divorce is one of the most fearful experiences of our lives. It takes courage to discuss divorce, tell our children about the divorce, discuss settlement terms for the divorce, and live as single people again. I will show you how to identify the areas in which we need courage, and the importance of communication with our spouses in order to use divorce as a positive event for a new beginning.

The Divorce Tango with Australian author, Cheryl Duffy

Learn how to gracefully navigate through the divorce filing and settlement with empowering techniques to help you communicate with your spouse to create a successful co-parenting schedule that accommodates small children and teens, rebuild self-worth and self-confidence, and shift to a positive mindset that is future-focused and healthy.

Mindfulness with Joana Pancada, Psychotherapist

Joana will explain Mindfulness and how to practice it.

Mindfulness can alleviate anxiety and fear while opening the door to a less stressful emotional environment from which to make decisions regarding the divorce settlement.

SubTopics discussed will be Expressing Emotions, Balancing Emotions with our Physical Bodies, and Living in the Present Moment as a Way to Heal.