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Constructive Uncoupling is a wonderful podcast by Los Angeles divorce mediator Judith Weigle.

Judith was a fierce advocate for reaching a negotiated settlement between me and my former wife. She offered ideas, suggestions, and approaches that brought us closer to our ultimate goal of dissolving our marriage without harming ourselves and our children as might have been the case if we used attorneys. Judith prepared and filed all our paperwork and pushed it through the divorce court without delays or hiccups. Judith also prepared our marital settlement agreement after engaging head-on to help us come to terms we could live with. Judith’s fees were fair, far less than attorneys’ fees and money well spent. I’d recommend Divorce Resource to any couple who wants to work with a rational, reasonable and compassionate person who helps couples who are in a lot of pain get on with their lives.

The whole team at Divorce Resource was an absolute pleasure to work with through a very difficult and trying time. They were thorough, knowledgeable, and helped me get through a challenging divorce, all while being extremely understanding and compassionate. Despite the unpleasant nature of why I needed their services, I couldn't have been more pleased with the services they provided. Highly recommended!

Your service was not only less expensive than hiring an attorney but very responsive and friendly.

Your professionalism and heart have taken a lot of the hurt and hair-teasing out of divorce.

Thank you for helping people like me - you're a God-Send!

Thank you again for your support and crucial assistance during this process. You've been amazing. I wish I could hire you as my psychoanalyst.

Thank you so much for helping me. You truly are a blessing and an angel in my life.

A note to thank you so very much for all of your help and feedback. I appreciate it so much. You've been incredibly helpful and kind, and I just wanted to let you know how much that has meant to me.

Once again, thank you for your time and talents. It was nice talking to you - gaining perspective - sad day/learning day and that's okay.

I regularly get calls from clients who cannot afford my services and I refer them to Divorce Resource - who always gets great reports.

I just wanted to write to you and let you know what a joy you were to work with on my client's divorce. Those situations are never easy and are always filled with emotional trauma for the parties involved. Many divorce attorneys take advantage of that and fuel the flames to increase the animosity and their legal fees. You are the exact opposite. You're more interested in helping people get through their strife than adding to it, and that definitely makes you the exception to the rule. It is truly an admirable trait.

I am writing this letter to communicate the appreciation I have for Divorce Resource. As divorce is frequently difficult, with no means to prepare for the hardships imposed by it, Divorce Resource provides exemplary assistance. You have been courteous, helpful, and illustrative of humanity in a process that can sometimes greatly challenge one’s appreciation of the existence of the same. Importantly, I must note the equal proportion of financial value to your services. Again, I must say thank you. I would hope that those with whom I come into contact may never need to call upon your services, but should anyone require cost-effective support during a divorce, I will direct them to consult with you due to your highly effective business practices and commendably humanitarian approach.

I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for handling my divorce so smoothly. I appreciated your calm manner and expertise in a situation that was emotionally draining. I could never have imagined that a divorce could be handled as smoothly as mine was.

Judith and Talia at Divorce Resource helped work with me through a difficult divorce. They consistently performed reliably, and on time, even though our divorce was especially difficult for a number of reasons: my ex-wife struggles with mental illness: which can make dealing with her difficult, and the divorce was a "remote" divorce since I am now living in Texas, which can make things more complicated. Despite the added complications, Judith and Talia did a great job. Judith and Talia did a great job of making a scary, difficult time less scary and difficult. God willing I will never need their services again, but if I did I would call them without a second thought.

Yesterday, my former partner and I came into your office for mediation and for filing divorce documents. Working with you was like seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. I came into your office with many concerns. They were all alleviated and it was very nice working with you. Thank you for your help.

I have the pleasure of knowing and working with Judith Weigle for many years as an exceptional Legal Document Assistant and Divorce Mediator. She has successfully and artfully helped every single one of the numerous couples I've referred to her. She's amazing!

Judith is a woman of great integrity, character, skill, and intelligence. She approaches every divorcing couple with sensitivity, knowledge, caring, and insight. She will help guide you from conflict to resolution, and you can rest assured you're in excellent hands.

As a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, I have been very impressed with the work I have seen from Judith's practice. Her documents are thorough, well prepared, and completed in a timely manner, leaving couples very satisfied and well taken care of. You'll be very pleased.

I cannot recommend Judith and her team highly enough. Judith navigated us through this extremely emotional and heart-wrenching experience with sensitivity, empathy, respect, and the utmost professionalism.

I can honestly say that at no point did I question her handling of the process or her competence. She was always at hand to help us with all our questions and concerns without additional charges. In fact, Judith's charges were extremely fair and the very few additional costs were with full disclosure and perfectly reasonable.

I would have absolutely no hesitation in referring anyone who wants to minimize the pain of divorce to Judith and her team.

Thank you, Judith!

I've known Judith for about 3 years as colleagues in the area of mediation. I have found her to be knowledgeable in her field, caring, supportive, and always looking to help those around her. I recommend her services to anyone who wants to have an amicable divorce. Not only is she a creative problem-solver with a solid understanding of relational dynamics, but a pleasure to interact with.

I highly recommend Divorce Resource; Judith and Talia are fantastic. They are very knowledgeable. They walked me through a fairly difficult situation, explaining everything to me along the way. they really care for their clients. I couldn't have it done without them. Give them a call today, you won't be disappointed!

I highly recommend Judith and Divorce Resource. After speaking with several lawyers and researching all my options, I met with Judith and knew this was the right path for our divorce. She is extremely professional, patient and organized. She walked us through every single step, making sure we both understood exactly what was happening and what to expect. Needless to say, divorce is extremely painful but Judith's warmth and kindness made the process as smooth and bearable as could be expected. Since meeting with Judith I have recommended her to several close friends - and they all were so grateful for the recommendation after meeting with her. Calling Judith (and starting Yoga) was the best decision I could have made to help me through this stage in life.

I called this office based on Yelp reviews. Judith herself answered. I had the most productive and informative conversation regarding my case thus far! She was absolutely amazing! Even though she assessed my situation to be that I need an attorney instead of her mediation service, she spent considerable time giving me incredibly helpful information, resources and advice. This is seriously a valuable resource and I will continue to seek her advice. I'm grateful to have happened to find her.

Judith M. Weigle at Divorce Resource deserves more than 5 stars for her diligence, her steady hand, her compassionate understanding, her patience and her skills in handling my divorce. I'd recommend her to anyone who wants to avoid using lawyers. Her fees are reasonable and I got great value for my money. Judith and her team are an invaluable resource.