Raising the Bar on the Attorney Brand

Attorneys rank 12 out of 15 among professions for Honesty and Ethical Standards.

Only Business Executives, Car Salespeople and Congress rank lower!

Judith M. Weigle

Paralegal, Mediator, Legal Document Assistant, “The Amicable Divorce Expert” Podcast Host, Truthseeker

Learning Objectives
1. Revise Business Model for Highest Ethical Standards
2. How to Work in the Best Financial Interest of the Client
3. Develop Trust and Long-Term Relationships Through Brand of Honesty

The Mission
Help attorneys reframe their Business Image to Trustworthy, Honest and Client-Oriented. Attorneys rank #12 out of #15 in Most and Least Trusted Professions, #1 being the best. My mission is to have attorneys rank #1.

Keynote Description

There is a movement in California and other states to allow Paraprofessionals – Legal Document Assistants and Paralegals, like me – to give legal advice and to appear in court at the table next to the litigant. This would remove from attorneys two of the most important and financially productive aspects of their services. This movement was precipitated by a lack of Honesty and Ethics, resulting in financial abuse of the client and unsustainable costs.

Where have we seen this before? Smile Direct Club and Uber. The public demanded better service and costs, and an option was created to provide to the public cost efficient pricing that was transparent. Smile Direct Club and Uber were game changers in the dental, car rental, and taxi industries. Now Law!

There is still time to save you. The brand needs to change. The business model must change. And ethics must replace financial avarice.


“I have used Judith for family law mediations and she has always done an excellent job and has settled every case that we have brought her.”

“I refer clients to Judith because I know she will provide them with individualized, professional and affordable divorce mediation services.”

“Judith was well-prepared for each mediation, with a strong command of both the facts and the law. More importantly, Judith truly cares about the clients and cases in front of her.”

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