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Category: Children of Divorce

Effects of Divorce on Children with Catharine Blake, CDC & Psychotherapist

For 20 years Catharine Blake worked as a Child & Family Psychotherapist, before becoming a Certified Divorce Coach. Working with children in stressful family dynamics is a rarity in the world of therapy because it is so extremely difficult. On this episode of THE Amicable Divorce Expert podcast Catharine Blake will share her knowledge and provide guidance for parents going through divorce so that they can avoid the pitfalls that will create anxious, stressed, and unhealthy children, from introducing new partners into the family dynamic, supporting their children in their children’s activities, to communicating with each other amicably.

How Children of Divorce Experience Marriage with Dr. Lydia Hughes-Evans, Ed.D.

As a child of an unusual separation with her parents at age 3, Lydia discusses how her relationships with her parents were formed, and how the co-parenting relationship was structured, with an analysis and reflection on Lydia’s two divorces, and how her current relationship is a healthy product of what she learned from her two previous marriages.

Unconditional Forgiveness: Lemons into Love from a Child of Divorce with Kamie Lehmann

Kamie was virtually left  to raise herself at 5 years old when her parents divorced. Her siblings weren’t much older than her at the time. Listen to how Kamie nursed her estranged father to his death years later when no one else would or could. This is a most inspiring story of Unconditional Forgiveness.