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Celebrity Divorces and Spousal Support.

We’ll review celebrity divorces with and without spousal support/alimony and those without. We’ll also review the factors considered by the court to determine the existence of, value of, and length of time for money to be paid by one spouse to another after the divorce is final. These factors affect all of us.

“Pause Before Responding” with Take 10 author Kevin Barclay

“Pause Before Responding” with Take 10 author Kevin Barclay looks at the benefits of not responding quickly to emotional communication, and instead take a breath and wait 10 seconds before speaking for a response that diminish fiery communication instead of fueling it.


Are You Committing Financial Infidelity? with Drs. Megan McCoy and Alex Melkumian

Finances are the #1 reason why people divorce, including hiding money, hoarding money, spending money without your spouse knowing it, and the inability to consistently earn money. Financial Infidelity is the betrayal of your relationship with money to your spouse. With this episode you can turn your relationship with money into a positive experience that can be shared with your current or next spouse.

Terrie Vanover, Divorce Strategist

Strategies from a Divorce Strategist

  1. The Legal Process cannot provide Emotional Justice
  2. Goals for an easier divorce: Avoid legal, financial, and emotional devastation
  3. Focus on the settlement
  4. Communicate effectively for a balanced settlement