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Courage and Divorce

Courage and Divorce on Constructive Uncoupling podcast today with The Amicable Divorce Expert and host Judith Weigle. Divorce is one of the most fearful experiences of our lives. It takes courage to discuss divorce, tell our children about the divorce, discuss settlement terms for the divorce, and live as single people again. I will show you how to identify the areas in which we need courage, and the importance of communication with our spouses in order to use divorce as a positive event for a new beginning.

Polly Bloom, Divorce Coach

Polly’s philosophy, which fits her name perfectly, is to help her divorce clients blossom again. Polly’s Advice to Blossom

a. Believe in Yourself
b. Love Yourself
c. Be Optimistic
d. Be Open to Opportunity

Polly’s Strategies:
a. Change your inner dialogue
b. Don’t pity yourself
c. Choose your method of Communication
d. Choose the time your respond to communication
e. Pick your battles

You will hear optimism in Polly’s voice that will resonate in your heart.