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Communication is Your Secret Weapon in Controlling a Narcissist with Certified Divorce Coach and Narcissistic Survivor Meghan Remington

THE Amicable Divorce Expert, Judith M. Weigle, interviews former narcissist survivor Meghan Remington, now a divorce coach and former wife of a narcissist with three small children when she divorced. Meghan’s story is fascinating: She gave up her career to be a stay-at-home mom which was detrimental to her marriage; suffered infidelity from her former husband; moved to another state, away from her family, to accommodate her former husband’s career; and ultimately realized how important the right communication was if she wanted to get control of her life back and move back to the state where she grew up and where her family still lived.

Meghan’s approach to getting unstuck and able to move forward in a high conflict divorce is to help people get rid of the anger that anchors them to the point of losing control over their decisions, diluting their power, and rebuild their future. If someone is married to a high conflict personality, like a narcissist, setting boundaries, understanding the need for compromise, and understanding how to communicate will empower them to take back control of their lives.

“There is a mental reframing that takes places when a person is open to positive change. I help people with mental reframing of their thoughts. For instance, “I have to’ becomes “I get to…’”

“Remember, divorce is only one chapter of your life. You get to choose how you want the story to end,” Remington explains.

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Biography and Philosophy of Meghan Remington

Meghan Remington, Certified Divorce Coach and founder of Thriving Ahead Divorce Coaching has a background in mental health with a Bachelors Degree in Family Studies and a Master’s Degree in Clinical Counseling. After going through a 1 ½ year divorce Meghan thought, “There has to be a better way,” and created the concept for Thriving Ahead with four basic principles: 1) Give yourself time to heal; 2) Break down your goals for post marriage; 3) Consider hiring a divorce coach; and, 4) Get organized.

Remington believes that in order to restart your life after a divorce, you have to consciously move from “we to me”. Reestablishing direction for your life is important so to create a positive vision for the future, and that can only be done through a single focus lens of what is best for you.

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Steps to Change the Settlement Power Dynamic

I will explain and provide examples of what an uneven power dynamic looks like in a divorce settlement discussion.  I will explain various reasons why the power dynamic exists.  And I will provide ways to change the uneven power dynamic to an even balance of power for the best results for both spouses.

When Compromise is NOT an Option

Generally divorce is an issue of compromise, but there are those times when compromise cannot and should not be an option.  This episode looks at the six typical situations in a divorce when compromise is not your best friend and hard decisions have to be made to move the divorce forward, and make settlement decisions in the best interest of the parties and their minor children

Crimes of Passion with Detective, Psychic and Media Personality, Tia Belle

Tia will share how her work as a detective dealt with how and why crimes of passion take place, and what you can do to avoid domestic violence that can lead to loss of life and child abduction in a divorce.  As a Psychic Tia helps her clients understand the reality of their relationships, whether they are healthy or not, and provides tools to use to change the course of their lives.

Social Media and the Impact on Relationships

Social Media and the Impact on Relationships with social media marketer Jerusha Greenwald.  Jerusha will discuss the pros and cons of using social media to vent about relationship issues especially when it’s about their divorce.  Jerusha has used her own divorce along with her social media skills to develop an online support group for women of all ages but focusing on her social media generation of millennials and Gen-Zers.

Courage and Divorce

Courage and Divorce on Constructive Uncoupling podcast today with The Amicable Divorce Expert and host Judith Weigle. Divorce is one of the most fearful experiences of our lives. It takes courage to discuss divorce, tell our children about the divorce, discuss settlement terms for the divorce, and live as single people again. I will show you how to identify the areas in which we need courage, and the importance of communication with our spouses in order to use divorce as a positive event for a new beginning.

Divorce Relations in the News

Divorce Relations in the News

Polly Bloom, Divorce Coach

Polly’s philosophy, which fits her name perfectly, is to help her divorce clients blossom again. Polly’s Advice to Blossom

a. Believe in Yourself
b. Love Yourself
c. Be Optimistic
d. Be Open to Opportunity

Polly’s Strategies:
a. Change your inner dialogue
b. Don’t pity yourself
c. Choose your method of Communication
d. Choose the time your respond to communication
e. Pick your battles

You will hear optimism in Polly’s voice that will resonate in your heart.