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Celebrity Divorce Series: Can a Family Survive and Thrive a Gender Transformation?

Exploring the divorce of Kris Kardashian and Caitlyn Jenner gender transformation is only one aspect of the family issues they had to confront. They are also co-parents who will be in each other’s lives forever. They had a blended family of eight children and several grandchildren. This marriage was not their first and probably won’t be their last. And they are celebrities which means that they are constantly under public scrutiny. How did they, and how can you keep it all together if you are experiencing any or all of these aspects of divorce. 

Celebrity Divorce Series: Bethenny Frankel

Can High Achieving Women Have It All With One Person? Only if that one person, that husband, is also high achieving. The cultural norm is still around: Men earn more than women. When that equation is flipped, the cultural norm is challenged and in 33% of those marriages, a divorce takes place. It’s very difficult for a women to be the higher wage earner and not either look down on their husbands at some point, or grow apart. Ego is involved; personal energy is different; and expectations that women were brought up with – the man is the financial rock in the family – silently gnaw at the marriage. We highlight Bethenny Frankel in our Celebrity Divorce Series because she wanted it all, with one husband, but that didn’t happen. In the words of Snoop Dogg, “Game Knows Game.” Those who succeed connect with those who succeed on the same level. We’ll break down the aspects of Bethenny’s divorce that may be part of your divorce.

Adele’s Journey Through the Emotional Divorce

Everyone experiences pain in divorce, from the lead-up to the decision of the divorce, through the process of uncoupling, in order to create a new beginning from this significant life event. We feature Adele because she speaks about her entire process in an interview with Oprah, interfaced with clips from her Hollywood Concert at the Griffith Park Conservatory. The lyrics from her CD “30” confront and explain her pain and how she processed it. Her outlet is music. What’s your divorce song?

Custody: Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Celebrity Divorce with Attorney Christopher Melcher:

When custody decisions become difficult, there are either control issues going on between the parents resulting in custody complications, or there can be behavioral issues with one spouse that are not being dealt with. This episode is a thorough look at custody and co-parenting for the best interests of the child.

Erika Jayne & Tom Girardi Celebrity Divorce with Attorney Matthew Smurda

Part II of this Jayne/Girardi divorce will focus on community property division and bankruptcy, division of a partnership business, spousal support, attorney fees, and the use of social media as evidence affecting a divorce settlement.

Celebrity Divorces of Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates w/Attorney Matthew Smurda

Matthew Smurda detail the divorces of the two richest men in the world, who both live in Washington State yet with two very different stories. Bezos was extremely amicable and over expeditiously, while the Gates divorce continues to tell a very different story of discord between Bill and Melinda. Listen to Attorney Smurda discuss the extra considerations that titans of commerce and industry must consider while going through the same processes of dividing assets and debts just like us.

Celebrity Divorces with Attorney Matthew Smurda: Brad & Angelina

Child Custody will be discussed using Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie as examples of multiple children in a marriage, some biologically connected to the spouses, and some who existed before the marriage and only to one spouse.  What can be the options for child custody and child support if the non-biological children of one spouse have not be officially adopted by the other spouse, yet were raised by the non-biological spouse? This is the case in many divorces and can present a conundrum of decisions when filing for the divorce, and creating settlement agreements for custody and support.

Celebrity Divorces and You with Attorney Matthew Smurda

Explores the aspects of Kim and Kanye’s divorce, and Dr. Dre and Nicole’s divorce.  Although the numbers are bigger the issues and the law are all the same.  Listen to Matthew break down the division of assets and debts, spousal support, and custody & co-parenting in so far as they affect our notable celebrities and our divorces, too. It’s an interesting backdrop to learn about the components of a divorce filing.