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Can Mediation Work for Everyone?

Can Mediation Work for Everyone? with our guest Colleen O’Neil, MSW, M.Ed, Mediation and Beyond, LLC, Mediator, Therapist, Life Coach, Educator and podcast host of Mediation and Beyond. We will discuss:

  • Domestic Violence .
  • When mediation isn’t the right choice, at least not now.
  • The court’s inadequacy in decisions regarding child abuse.
  • How to prepare for mediation.
  • How to know when you have the right financial settlement.

A core philosophy that Colleen will discuss is about change. “You don’t need to wait on someone else to change so that you can change yourself.” Coming from all of Colleen’s levels of expertise, she shows us that waiting for our spouses to change will not serve our purposes if we feel that change is needed in order for the relationship to move forward. When we see that change is needed, we need to change. Or, when we feel that we need to make changes within our relationship role, waiting is not in our best interest.

There’s no excuse for child abuse. There is no masking the fact that if a parent is abusing their child, a change needs to take place. But is the court the best place to make that change? Are Judges in the position to understand the scope of the abuse, the existence of the abuse, and provide a remedy for the abuse?

Biography of Colleen O’Neil, MSW, M.Ed, Divorce Mediator, Life Coach, Relationship Expert

Colleen O’Neil brings remarkable credentials and impeccable skill sets in assisting others with creating exceptional agreements. Colleen worked for the Cambridge, MA district Attorney’s office assisting victims of violence, homicide, rape, and child abuse. She also trained law enforcement and professionals in victim services, empowering them to understand how to help victims.

Colleen is a board member of Shared Parenting Council of Connecticut working hard to improve state laws and policies governing divorce, parenting and family court processes.

O’Neil maintains a private mediation and divorce coaching practice in Westport, CT and will also travel to clients. Mediation and Beyon, LLC @mediation_and_beyond (IG) Colleen P. O’Neil (FB) Colleen O’Neil (LinkedIn) Mediation and Beyond (YouTube)

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Men‘s Divorce Coach, John Nachlinger, Esq., Mediator

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The Good Karma Divorce with Judge Michele F. Lawrence.

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Steps to Change the Settlement Power Dynamic

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