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Category: Philosophical Look at Divorce

Give Yourself the Gift of Self-Forgiveness

We are told to forgive those who have perpetrated ills on us, but we are seldom told to forgive ourselves for those same issues. Self-forgiveness carries with it intended change so that we don’t remain in the same destructive behavior pattern that caused our concerning behavior in the first place. Self-forgiveness is necessary to self-evaluate, self-reflect, and redefine who we want to be and how we want to function as individuals. The power of forgiving another person is huge – it frees the heart to feel good again – while self-forgiveness is a game-changer that will make us better people in relation to ourselves and ultimately others.

Divorce ReDefined with Divorce Coach Cindy Stibbard

Divorce ReDefined with Divorce Coach Cindy Stibbard will discuss how to use divorce for a positive life change both during and after the divorce. Cindy will explain how an adverse life circumstance like divorce can shatter our spirits, and at the same time be an agent for self-awareness and a new approach to life.

Divorce Happens FOR You Not To You with Mike DiCioccio, Entrepreneur

Mike’s divorce was the turning point in his personal life that he used to create the business life that has given him the greatest happiness so far in his career and earning potential. Mike used divorce as the impetus to revise his entire life into that which reflects who he is without compromise. He shares this experience with you today.

Life (and Divorce) Happen FOR You, Not To You

In this episode we take this quote from Tony Robbins, motivational speaker and life & business coach, to show how we can apply this concept to divorce.  Divorce happens FOR us, not to us.  Using this concept we keep us from being victims, will help us propel our lives forward, and reach our potential and levels of fulfillment that we once only dreamed of. Life and Divorce happen FOR us not to us.

Divorce Style with Holly Katz, Fashion Stylist

We don’t normally think of fashion and style going with divorce but the better we look and the better we feel allows us to make better decisions, be happier, and be more amicable when we either negotiate with our spouse for the settlement agreement, or show up in court. Holly will guide us through the internal and external conversion of our personal branding through fashion, and why knowing our fashion statement is important to our life statement.  This goes for women as well as men.  Our appearance is part of our New Beginning


Rebranding Allows for Personal Growth

We are launching year three of this podcast and renaming it THE Amicable Divorce Expert because my joy is to see couples going through divorce use this experience, this potentially very painful time, to forgive each other, stop blaming, and work together to create a respectful end to their journey as married people. I am also energized and refreshed to see divorcing couples begin a new life, which is the only way to turn divorce into something that becomes advantageous, a direction in life that can be more beneficial than staying married. Amicable is my gospel, my mantra, and the goal I try to help people achieve, through my divorce practice and through this podcast. Please continue this journey with me, and listen in this episode to how my life journey got me to be THE Amicable Divorce Expert!