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The Power of Denial

Denial can ruin your life if what you are denying impedes your happiness, causes you sadness, and generally creates an unhealthy and unproductive life and relationship.  Denial is a defense mechanism that in a temporary use can help you gather your thoughts, gain perspective, and monitor the issues that are causing you alarm.  But longterm denial can ruin your life or make your life tougher than it needs to be.  Self-compassion is your ticket out of denial and into making choices that are kinder and more productive for the best life you can live.

Stages of Couple Development with Dr. Steve Wolf, PhD

There are three stages in the evolution of being in a relationship: Formation, Gestation, and Breakdown. Dr. Wold will discuss each stage, and also explain how vulnerability and anger are connected in the Breakdown stage.  Anger will be revealed in a way that will allow you to understand your own and your partner’s anger, and either continue the relationship or use the understanding of anger to evolve out of the relationship in the best way possible.

Infidelity Part I with Dr. Talal Alsaleem

 Infidelity Part I with Dr. Talal Alsaleem