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Category: Finances

Wisdom & Wealth With Divorce Settlement with Jonathan Satovsky

Receiving a divorce settlement is great, especially if there are significant cash assets, real estate, and retirement plans included. It’s what we do with the settlement that’s key, and having a professional who knows how to invest it is gold! Jonathan will walk you through the mindset needed to manage your settlement properly, and share options you have to consider in order to choose someone who will do the best for you to help your invests grow. Divorce is so emotional that spending the money after divorce will be enticing, but the discipline required to gratify yourself and invest will be your ticket to financial freedom.

“Debt and Divorce Exposed” with Attorney Lyle Solomon

Attorney Solomon will discuss credit card debt, community debt, IRS debt, and the responsibility for both spouses regarding debt created during the marriage regardless of what the settlement agreement states.

How Equal Is Your Divorce Settlement?

Caroline Pak, Mediator and Certified Divorce Analyst, explains what to consider in everything from taxes on your half of the settlement, longterm growth in what your half allows, and a restructuring of the settlement so that both spouses get the best financial result from the division of assets and debts.