The Amicable Divorce Expert Podcast

a podcast devoted to amicable divorces

Men‘s Divorce Coach, John Nachlinger, Esq., Mediator

Men have different fears than women in divorce, specifically the loss of their children and the continuing cost of spousal support or alimony, to the extent that their lives may be ruined. John Nachlinger addresses all of their fears and speaks the language of men so that men confidently proceed with divorce with calm confidence and continued responsibility.

How Equal Is Your Divorce Settlement?

Caroline Pak, Mediator and Certified Divorce Analyst, explains what to consider in everything from taxes on your half of the settlement, longterm growth in what your half allows, and a restructuring of the settlement so that both spouses get the best financial result from the division of assets and debts.

The Mom‘s Guide to a Good Divorce by Sarah Armstrong

Positive Communication, Respectful Behavior, and Putting Your Child’s Interests First are all forms of Leading By Example. Even if you are the only parent modeling good communication and respectful behavior, you have a chance of influencing your spouse to model the same.

Custody: Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Celebrity Divorce with Attorney Christopher Melcher:

When custody decisions become difficult, there are either control issues going on between the parents resulting in custody complications, or there can be behavioral issues with one spouse that are not being dealt with. This episode is a thorough look at custody and co-parenting for the best interests of the child.

The Need for Therapy in Divorce with Pamela Payton, LMFT

Divorce is emotionally difficult, with and without children, but especially tough with children involved. Pamela will share her insights as a marriage and family therapist for the help that a therapist can provide during the divorce process, and share with you a little about her own divorce in which she represented herself in a trial with the largest law firm in Los Angeles representing her husband.

Mental Illness and Divorce with Frank King

Mental Health Comedian. Frank will share his experience with an amicable divorce, and not only discuss his relationship with mental illness and suicide, but give tips to anyone who may be divorcing a spouse who suffers from mental illness. You’ll laugh and learn.

Culture and Divorce with Dr. Manijeh Daneshpour

Each culture expresses themselves differently as part of their daily living. In divorce, these unique behaviors can factor into divorce settlement agreements. Listen to this discussion about culture and divorce, and how not understanding cultural can impede and derail a good settlement.

Erika Jayne & Tom Girardi Celebrity Divorce with Attorney Matthew Smurda

Part II of this Jayne/Girardi divorce will focus on community property division and bankruptcy, division of a partnership business, spousal support, attorney fees, and the use of social media as evidence affecting a divorce settlement.

How Children of Divorce Experience Marriage with Dr. Lydia Hughes-Evans, Ed.D.

As a child of an unusual separation with her parents at age 3, Lydia discusses how her relationships with her parents were formed, and how the co-parenting relationship was structured, with an analysis and reflection on Lydia’s two divorces, and how her current relationship is a healthy product of what she learned from her two previous marriages.