Are Men’s Feelings Different Than Women’s in Divorce?

On THE Amicable Divorce Expert podcast we interviewed Tamir Berkman, Divorce Cowboy. This cowboy is a divorce coach for men. Tamir only works with men because as a man, he believes he can address the emotional issues that men go through differently than women when in a relationship break-up. Tamir uses, as one of his approaches, Equine Therapy.  Equine Therapy is relatively new as a defined way to sort out feelings and gain perspective on why the relationship didn’t work.

Horses absorb distress and insecurity with people who try to get near them. Their reactions to skittish humans are to mirror that feeling back and react in a skittish manner and resist connecting with that human.

Tamir will take us through the ways in which men process emotion in a relationship break-up, and how understanding and dealing with those emotions can create a better post break-up relationship than existed in the relationship.  Tamir explained, “Divorce or separation are emotional processes. divorce or separation are emotional processes, but men deal with this as a legal or financial process only. Men are not built for emotional challenges.”  This is where a form of therapy like Equine Therapy can be helpful in addressing men’s emotions. It’s an approach to therapy, therapy being an emotional process, not in a therapist’s office, a traditional place for therapy, but outside in an environment that would be more conducive for men because horses are viewed as sport animals. Yes, this assumes that men all like sports; those who don’t might not be good candidates for Equine Therapy.  For those men who prefer an alternative approach to therapy, to sorting out their emotions, are provided with an environment and a process that can be more conducive than the traditional therapists couch.

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