The Amicable Divorce Expert Podcast

a podcast devoted to amicable divorces

The Power of Denial

Denial can ruin your life if what you are denying impedes your happiness, causes you sadness, and generally creates an unhealthy and unproductive life and relationship.  Denial is a defense mechanism that in a temporary use can help you gather your thoughts, gain perspective, and monitor the issues that are causing you alarm.  But longterm denial can ruin your life or make your life tougher than it needs to be.  Self-compassion is your ticket out of denial and into making choices that are kinder and more productive for the best life you can live.

Are You Financially Compatible? With Adam Kol, The Couple’s Financial Coach

The A#1 reason why people divorce is their incompatibility with money: Earning it, Spending it, and Saving it.  Adam will not only show you how to discuss money, prioritize money, and find someone who is financially compatible with you.  If you’re divorcing, Adam will help you through making a settlement agreement that works, and to continue a co-parenting relationship in a financially successful way.

Better Apart author Gabrielle Hartley

Gabrielle discusses the purpose for the book, explains her 5 steps to changing your state of being in order to have an amicable divorce, and provides daily exercises to redirect the way you think and how you respond to your spouse in divorce settlement talks and co-parenting.

Mediate or Litigate with Gabrielle Hartley, Esq.

As a former family law litigator, former Judge’s assistant, and now a mediator and coach, Gabrielle sheds light on the reality of how Judge’s make decisions, what’s in store for you in court, and how mediation can save the day – if you’re ready. Gabrielle shares stories and gives guidance to the right path for you in your divorce strategy.

Steps to Change the Settlement Power Dynamic

I will explain and provide examples of what an uneven power dynamic looks like in a divorce settlement discussion.  I will explain various reasons why the power dynamic exists.  And I will provide ways to change the uneven power dynamic to an even balance of power for the best results for both spouses.

Stages of Couple Development with Dr. Steve Wolf, PhD

There are three stages in the evolution of being in a relationship: Formation, Gestation, and Breakdown. Dr. Wold will discuss each stage, and also explain how vulnerability and anger are connected in the Breakdown stage.  Anger will be revealed in a way that will allow you to understand your own and your partner’s anger, and either continue the relationship or use the understanding of anger to evolve out of the relationship in the best way possible.

Divorcing a High Conflict Personality

There are several types of High Conflict Personalities (HCP) that will be described in this episode by quoting Bill Eddy, the international guru of legal disputes with HCPs.  High Conflict Personalities have personality disorders to some degree and are hugely difficult to deal with in general, and almost impossible in legal disputes like divorces or paternity cases. Resolution will be provided as we discuss the HCPs you may have in your life.

When Compromise is NOT an Option

Generally divorce is an issue of compromise, but there are those times when compromise cannot and should not be an option.  This episode looks at the six typical situations in a divorce when compromise is not your best friend and hard decisions have to be made to move the divorce forward, and make settlement decisions in the best interest of the parties and their minor children

Crimes of Passion with Detective, Psychic and Media Personality, Tia Belle

Tia will share how her work as a detective dealt with how and why crimes of passion take place, and what you can do to avoid domestic violence that can lead to loss of life and child abduction in a divorce.  As a Psychic Tia helps her clients understand the reality of their relationships, whether they are healthy or not, and provides tools to use to change the course of their lives.

Social Media and the Impact on Relationships

Social Media and the Impact on Relationships with social media marketer Jerusha Greenwald.  Jerusha will discuss the pros and cons of using social media to vent about relationship issues especially when it’s about their divorce.  Jerusha has used her own divorce along with her social media skills to develop an online support group for women of all ages but focusing on her social media generation of millennials and Gen-Zers.