The Amicable Divorce Expert Podcast

a podcast devoted to amicable divorces

The Divorce Tango with Australian author, Cheryl Duffy

Learn how to gracefully navigate through the divorce filing and settlement with empowering techniques to help you communicate with your spouse to create a successful co-parenting schedule that accommodates small children and teens, rebuild self-worth and self-confidence, and shift to a positive mindset that is future-focused and healthy.

Mindfulness with Joana Pancada, Psychotherapist

Joana will explain Mindfulness and how to practice it.

Mindfulness can alleviate anxiety and fear while opening the door to a less stressful emotional environment from which to make decisions regarding the divorce settlement.

SubTopics discussed will be Expressing Emotions, Balancing Emotions with our Physical Bodies, and Living in the Present Moment as a Way to Heal.

Judy Graybill, StepParent Coach

Graybill’s approach to blended stepfamilies starts with the communication about parenting styles and parenting rules between the biological and new stepparent first, then transitions to a family Mission Statement that includes the children.


Graybill also discusses how bringing the loss experienced from the divorce has to be acknowledged and dealt with as the biological, newly divorced parent enters another relationship that includes a blended family.


Terrie Vanover, Divorce Strategist

Strategies from a Divorce Strategist

  1. The Legal Process cannot provide Emotional Justice
  2. Goals for an easier divorce: Avoid legal, financial, and emotional devastation
  3. Focus on the settlement
  4. Communicate effectively for a balanced settlement

Polly Bloom, Divorce Coach

Polly’s philosophy, which fits her name perfectly, is to help her divorce clients blossom again. Polly’s Advice to Blossom

a. Believe in Yourself
b. Love Yourself
c. Be Optimistic
d. Be Open to Opportunity

Polly’s Strategies:
a. Change your inner dialogue
b. Don’t pity yourself
c. Choose your method of Communication
d. Choose the time your respond to communication
e. Pick your battles

You will hear optimism in Polly’s voice that will resonate in your heart.