Romance Fraud & Financial Exploitation with Brian Stefan

Romance Fraud & Financial Exploitation with Brian Stefan, former intelligence officer with the U.S. Department of Defense and the FBI-LAPD division before he entered the profession of therapy with a specialty in grief and suicide prevention, is our topic today on THE Amicable Divorce Expert podcast with Judith M. Weigle. I learned of romance fraud and financial exploitation in my work as a divorce paralegal and mediator when I saw older men who were widowers look for younger women from other countries on dating sites, a place that was foreign to them. They didn’t understand that not everyone’s intentions were to find true love, but to find someone who was needy enough to provide unlimited financial support for them and their families. Not that romance fraud and financial exploitation don’t exist within the American population, too. It does. Brian Stefan will enlighten us about the motivations of those who perpetrate romance fraud, what romance fraud looks like, and how to extricate yourself from a relationship, a marriage that only serves to exploit you rather than add value to your life. It’s hard for people who are pure of heart, and would never take advantage of someone for money, to understand that they are victims of romance fraud, yet it happens every day. There are clear signs that are similar in most cases that Brian will explain to help you understand if you are being defrauded. The result of not accepting that the person who you thought loved you really doesn’t can actually be suicide if the fraud is that extreme. Are you a victim of romance fraud and financial exploitation? #romancefraud #financialexploitation #brianstefan #theamicabledivorceexpert #theamicabledivorceexpertpodcast #fraudulantmarriage #judithweigle #judithmweigle #divorce #divorcepodcast #amicabledivorce

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