DO remember, your parents are divorcing each other, not you. DO be honest.

DO tell your parents how you are feeling.

DO realize the divorce was your parent’s decision and had nothing to do with you – it was not your fault.

DO talk to friends, family members, teachers and others involved in your life, about your problems.

DO let your feelings out; it is ok to be sad, happy, angry or any other way you are feeling.

DO be realistic about the situation; do not expect your parents to get back together.

DO remember you are a kid; do not try and fill your parent’s role and responsibilities.

DO remember that things will get better, and you can be happy even if your parents are divorced.

DO remember that you do not need to be the messenger between your parents.

DO know you are not alone; many kids are affected by divorce either directly or indirectly.

DO ask for what you need; ie. A hug, more time alone with one parent, etc.

DO remember all people; boys and girls, young and old, have feelings – all feelings are ok to have.

DO remember your parents are also going through a hard time; they may sometimes act in strange ways